Code of Ethics


I will post only information that I know to be accurate. Whenever possible, I will provide sources and links.

If accuracy may be in doubt, I will convey this to the reader.


I will not plagiarize material, nor quote without attribution.


I will delete comments only when they violate the rules of my blog, such as needlessly inflammatory, racist, or spam comments.


I will try to ensure that what I post is not only accurate but presents a complete picture, I won’t post only part of a story or an argument.

I won’t crop photos to misrepresent news.


I will not reveal details that have been given to me in confidence.

I won’t publish private emails unless explicitly permitted to do so. I won’t publish names or details when asked not to do so.


I will respect other people’s copyrights and not post without the copyright holder‘s permission, except when abiding by the terms of “fair use” (generally small excerpts for journalistic purposes).


Unless my posting inadvertently violates one of the other codes mentioned, I will generally not change the URLs or delete my postings, although I may correct for grammar, clarity, or spelling.

Do No Harm

I will firstly do no harm. Beyond this, I will endeavor to create what is good and beneficial for society, rather than hurt it or waste its time.


I will try to ensure that my posts are edited for spelling, grammar, and clarity, and that all links are correct.


I will always provide all facts relevant to an opinion when criticizing. I will always assume possible confusion or misunderstanding before labeling something or someone as fraudulent. In this case, I will first try to work things out privately, and, if not satisfied, let the facts speak for themselves in as unbiased a manner as possible.


I will try to provide original material of interest to my readership. I will not simply quote or link to other blogs.


I will not pass on gossip about private individuals nor report on embarrassing facts about others. I will not link to or report information that is accidentally leaked.


I will respect my readers, critics, and subjects of my posts. I will discuss and answer all people with respect, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, nationality, ability, attractiveness, and social or economic status.

I will not respond with rudeness to rudeness. I will apologize when appropriate and stand on principle only when absolutely necessary.


I will affirm what are my own words and posts, and not claim credit for others, or deny responsibility for my own. I will clearly separate what are my own words from others.


I will not post anything that could endanger others’ safety, including identifying information about minors or vulnerable individuals.

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