The Home Depot Cat

I’m a cat lover, so it’s no surprise when I heard that Home Depot’s newest marketing tool was a cat, I thought it was a great idea. Home Depot’s PR and marketing teams’ goal for this holiday season is to make the Home Depot stand out. This is how Richard the cat became its latest marketing tool.

Home Depot chief marketer Trish Mueller stated, “Everyone has elves, reindeer, Santa, but one of the biggest things followed in the social space is cats.” Richard the cat is a quick-witted and sarcastic character.

Richard the cat’s role will include: documenting his family’s disasters during the holiday season, tweeting @RichardTheCat, and photo bombing customers with their Home Depot Christmas trees. The cat will also be on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Foursquare.

While this isn’t the most usual approach to promoting the home-improvement store, it’s going to stick in people’s heads because it’s unique.


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