Pitching For a Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season to pitch! December is the most competitive time of year to secure editorial coverage on your brands products. It’s that time of year when you have to convince different media outlets that your brands products are the best to recommend for this holiday seasons gift guide. Holiday gift guides are a great way to create awareness for your brand.


Tips for pitching your product for a holiday gift guide:

The timing of your pitch is crucial:

–       Different Media outlets work at different paces, and often times work on things in advance. Magazines, for example, work 6 months ahead.

Pitch only for the holiday gift guide:

–       The subject line of your pitch should include the words holiday gift guide.

Be fully prepared before you pitch:

–       Make sure you highlight what you’re featuring. Be prepared with photos (hi-resolution), retail info, product prices, and 2-3 samples ready to go.

Create different categories:

–       Create different categories that your product can fit in. For example by price or celebrity favorites. This helps the editor pinpoint if your product is a good fit for their holiday gift guide.

Follow up:

–       Follow up with the editor about a week after your pitch to see if they are interested in your product.

Thank the editor:

–       If they decide to place your product in a gift guide, make sure to send the editor a thank you card or email. Cards are more formal and personal, so if you have time go with a card.



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