Public Relations Firms to Take a Closer Look At

I love PR (public relations)

If you are looking for PR firms…look no further! Below are some of the top PR firms in the world. Each firm specializes in a wide range of companies from technology, fashion, nonprofit, sports, entertainment, health care, travel, food, etc. The list goes on! If you are specifically looking for fashion PR agencies they are listed at the bottom.


Edelman is the world’s largest public relations firm with 65 offices and 4,500 PR experts on its team. Edelman focuses on a broad range of companies from nonprofit to technology to retail. Advertising Age has recently named Edelman one of the “Best Places to Work.” Check out Edelman’s website at:

Ruder Finn:

One of the largest privately owned public relations firms; Ruder Finn works with many of the world’s leading companies. Ruder Finn brings a creative edge to their clients’ wants and needs. Check out Ruder Finn’s website at:


For over 20 years Kaplow has helped consumers fall in love with brands. It is an award-winning communications agency dedicated to developing strong brand identities. Some fashion companies Kaplow works with include but are not limited to Hautelook and Baby Phat. Check out Kaplow’s website at:

French | West | Vaughan:

FWV was founded in 1997 and is the Southeast’s largest Independent PR firm. FWV works with more than 50 of the world’s leading companies and brands. It’s a company driven by creativity. Check out French West Vaughan at:


Strictly Fashion Oriented PR Agencies:

Moderne Press:

Moderne Press is a boutique public relations and marketing agency that specializes in fashion, beauty, home décor and accessories. This PR agency creates buzz for your brand. Check out Moderne Press at:


Kenwerks is a marketing firm located in LA and NY. “We are the one-stop shop for brands looking to launch themselves or re-invent themselves in this competitive marketplace.” Check out Kenwerks at:

Style House PR:

Is a boutique PR and brand marketing company. Style House PR specializes in the promotion of luxury fashion, beauty, accessories, travel, and lifestyle brands. Check out Style House PR at:


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