The Importance of Planning in Fashion PR

goalIn order to do your job successfully in any field you need to plan. When it comes to fashion PR, strategic planning is a must. Strategic planning involves setting goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics. There is more depth to planning, but these basics will help you get started. Below is your PR planning refresher.


Your goal is a one-sentence statement that defines your long-term needs, hopes, or opportunities for an organization or brand. Your goals are usually broad and do not necessarily have to be quantifiable.


Compared to goals, objectives are more focused and specific. You should set multiple objectives for a single goal. Objectives start with action verbs and contain these key parts:

  • Identify a key audience
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Set a time frame


Your strategies are the “how,” in ensuring that you meet your stated objectives. Your strategy should focus on getting a message out to your key public. Strategies allow you to motivate a key public to do a desired behavior. When writing your strategies use action verbs such as develop and promote.


Tactics are the specific “who’s” and “what’s,” that support the strategies. Use verbs such as utilize, contact, or participate. Also include a specific date when writing your tactics.


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